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Streetcars Around the World

Modern streetcars are rolling out across the United States. Two opened in 2013 – New Orleans (Canal Street) and Salt Lake City. Four streetcars are scheduled to open in 2014:

And more are under construction in Dallas, Kansas City, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Detroit, and an extension in Portland.

United States

Photograph of the DC streetcar.

Washington, D.C.

The first segment of the DC Streetcar, on H Street and Benning Road NE, is expected to start revenue-service in 2014. Planning is underway for additional lines across the city. Watch a video overview of the D.C. Streetcar project.

Streetcar in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon

Portland Streetcar began operations in 2001 as the United States’ first modern streetcar system. Watch a video of the Portland Streetcar in action.

image of Seattle Streercar

Seattle, Washington

This streetcar has 11 stops along its 2.6 mile line, from the South Lake Union neighborhood to Seattle’s downtown core.

image of SanFran Streetcar

San Francisco, California

The city’s diverse transit system operates historic streetcars, modern light rail vehicles, electric trolley coaches, and much more. The Market Street Railway also operates in San Francisco.

Streetcar in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, Virginia

The Tide, Virginia’s first light rail, debuted in Norfolk in 2011. It extends 7.4 miles with 11 stations in the Hampton Roads area.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Amsterdam tramway network opened in 1875. With 16 lines, the network comprises a total of 213 km (132 miles) of track and a fleet of 237 trams. Watch a video of Amsterdam’s GVB tram network in action.

Berlin, Germany

The Berlin tram network is one of the oldest networks in the world, having its origins in 1865. It is also notable for being one of the largest tram systems. There are 22 tram lines that operate with 382 stops, with nine of the lines operating 24 hours per day.

Dublin, Ireland

In 2007, the system carried 28.4 million passengers and is 38.2 km (23.7 miles) in track length. Watch a video of the Dublin’s Luas LRT in action.

Strasbourg, France