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Rosslyn Plan Materials

Lynn and Wilson Sidewalk

These documents have been generated over the course of the Realize Rosslyn community planning process. You’ll find summarized interview notes, existing conditions reports, proposed alternatives and draft plan elements.

You can also view agendas, presentations and other materials from more than 30 meetings, workshops and outreach events held over the past two years in the Realize Rosslyn Meetings and Documents Archive.


Draft Rosslyn Sector Plan (May 6, 2015 – RTA version)

Appendix – Additional Cross-Sections (added 6/1/12)

Full Draft Rosslyn Sector Plan (May 6, 2015, RTA version) (low res, 7MB)
Full Draft Rosslyn Sector Plan (May 6, 2015, RTA version) (high res, 16MB)

Rosslyn Plan Framework

Community Input