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Related Documents

These documents are related to Rosslyn, but have not been formally adopted by the County Board. They may be relevant to discussions that occur during the process to update the Rosslyn Sector Plan.

Prior Building Height Studies and Materials

  In recent years, a number of studies and events were conducted in an effort to provide guidance on future decisions pertaining to development and Rosslyn building heights and skyline conditions. For more information on recent building height studies and related materials, read more.

Other Related Rosslyn Studies, Reports and Events

Rosslyn Esplanade Study (1999)

Esplanade coverA study to examine possible alternatives to achieve the goals stated in prior County planning documents for a pedestrian way or ‘esplanade’ along the northern and eastern edges of Rosslyn.

Rosslyn Working Group
Status Report

Rosslyn Working Group Report coverThe final report of the County Manager established working group charged with examining height and urban design issues on Central Place.

ULI Panel: Bringing Street Life to Rosslyn (2005)A panel of industry experts providing an outside perspective on how to make Rosslyn a retail and entertainment destination and create a better street life in Rosslyn.
Walking Town Meeting in North Rosslyn (2010)

A walking town meeting with County Board Members to examine issues of integrated development, restoration of open space, and enhancing key pedestrian thoroughfares.
Gateway Park Master Planning (2010)

A brief (incomplete) planning effort to rethink the future of Gateway Park, which included the development of two alternative master plan concepts for the park.
Rosslyn Multimodal Transportation Study (2011)An evaluation of existing and planned transportation facilities, services and operations in Rosslyn over the next 20 years, which will help inform transportation recommendations in the Rosslyn Sector Plan Update.

Studies, Reports and Events from Other Places

DC Streetcar Land Use Study (2013)DC Streetcar LU study  thumbsThe first of several study phases in planning for the DC Streetcar system, this study projects potential impacts and benefits, identifies land use opportunities, corridor adjustments, and other actions that can either amplify benefits of building a streetcar system or address challenges its creation may pose.