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Wilson Blvd near Nash St


This process to update the Rosslyn Sector Plan represents the first revisiting of the Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum since its adoption in 1992. A variety of documents and other media, both past and present, will help inform the discussions of this planning effort and inform the draft plan recommendations:


Prior County Plans and Studies

These documents include previously adopted Rosslyn station area plans, small area plans and urban design studies, and studies associated with amendments to the General Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance affecting areas within Rosslyn. [more]

Briefing Book

The briefing book offers planning participants a clear and detailed context from which the planning discussion will emerge. With a collection of historical background information, existing condition materials, and plans, policies, and laws, the briefing book may be read as a narrative document or used as an evolving reference guide, to be consulted and also built upon throughout the planning process [more]

Related Documents

These documents represent a collection of Rosslyn related materials that, although not formally adopted by the County, may be relevant to the discussions that occur during this planning process. [more]

Rosslyn Plan Materials

These documents include items such as existing conditions reports, proposed alternatives, and meeting materials generated over the course of this study. [more]