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Wilson Blvd near Nash St

Our Realize Rosslyn community planning process will provide the first revisions to the Rosslyn sector plan since 1992, bringing it into alignment with the community’s goals and future vision. A variety of planning documents and materials will help inform decisions and draft plan recommendations.

Ready for your reviewDraft Rosslyn Sector Plan (Updated draft 7/1/15)

  • Plan Materials: Find existing conditions reports, proposed alternatives and meeting materials generated over the course of the study.
  • Meeting Documents (current year): Find 2014 agendas and documents from the many public meetings, workshops and outreach events we’ve held as part of the Realize Rosslyn effort.
  • Meeting Documents (archive): Archive agendas and documents.
  • Prior County Plans and Studies: These include previously adopted plans for the Rosslyn Station Area, small area plans, urban design studies and information related to the Zoning Ordinance and General Land Use Plan (GLUP) amendments.
  • Briefing Book: The briefing book offers participants a clear and detailed context for planning discussions. It includes a collection of historical background information, existing condition materials, as well as plans, policies and laws.
  • Related Documents: These materials may be relevant to discussions regarding the future of Rosslyn, but they have not been not formally adopted by the County.