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Adopted Rosslyn Plan Framework

april 2014 framework cover_WEBThe County Board adopted the Rosslyn Plan Framework in April, moving one step closer to updating the Rosslyn sector plan and laying the foundation for advancing the transformation of Rosslyn.

The framework defines the community’s vision for Rosslyn as a vibrant and dynamic “downtown” and outlines recommendations for improving parks and open spaces, transportation, building form and height, and urban design.

Some of the recommendations include:

  • Continuing to advance Rosslyn’s transformation into a high-density, mixed-use district, consistent with the General Land Use Plan (GLUP);
  • Achieving more housing in central Rosslyn;
  • Encouraging more varied building heights and facades and adding distinction to the Rosslyn skyline;
  • Improving connectivity among and enhancing a diverse network of public open spaces, including Gateway Park, an Esplanade, a revitalized Freedom Park, the extended 18th Street corridor, and the Potomac riverfront;
  • Making Rosslyn one of the premier transit hubs in the region; and
  • Transforming pedestrian and bicycle networks with wider sidewalks, new walkways and additional bike lanes/cycle tracks.

The plan framework is a key milestone in the Realize Rosslyn community planning process. It is a major step toward developing the draft sector plan update by the end of 2014. The updated sector plan will provide guidance for growth and development in central Rosslyn, in particular the area in and around the Rosslyn Coordinated Redevelopment District (RCRD) depicted on the County’s General Land Use Plan. For most areas outside the RCRD, the 1992 Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum will still be referenced for planning guidance.

The next phase in the planning process is to work with the Rosslyn Process Panel, commissions, and community leaders on the details to update the sector plan.