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Realize Rosslyn Project Schedule

Below is an illustration of the overall project schedule, along with a general written description of each phase, by major milestones and anticipated time frames.  Information on specific upcoming meetings is available under the Upcoming Events section on the right hand side of this web page. 


 Planning Analysis (Oct.-Dec. 2012) | complete

This phase focused on developing and documenting a comprehensive understanding of the key factors behind Rosslyn’s planning opportunities and challenges.

Vision Principles and Initial Ideas
(Jan.-May 2013) | complete

The key product of this phase included the definition and identification of community-based principles and goals that should be instrumental in guiding the development and direction of the Sector Plan.

Preliminary Proposals and Plan Alternatives
(June-Oct. 2013) | complete

This phase involves the introduction of a draft vision framework for the Rosslyn plan, along with the identification and comparison of primary alternative approaches to be considered for various elements of the draft framework. Preliminary implementation strategies relating to the framework and alternatives will also be addressed.

Development of Rosslyn Plan Framework (Nov. 2013 – Apr. 2014) | complete   

This phase involves the development and adoption of a Rosslyn Plan Framework to serve as the foundation for completing the Rosslyn Sector Plan Update.

Final Rosslyn Sector Plan Update Review / Adoption (May 2013 – June 2015) | ongoing

This final phase will involve completing the documentation of the Rosslyn Sector Plan Update and formally inaugurating its use as County policy.

NEW! Ready for your reviewDraft Rosslyn Sector Plan